X≠Y≠Z: A Joy in the Home

Y is in the garage, sharpening. Trying to figure out how to sharpen. Y is in the garage googling how to sharpen a blade, what angle and what to sharpen it on and is confused as to the metal content of the blade in question. Does it make a difference if Y doesn’t know? Y assumes yes. Y has no whetstone and had tried to use the concrete floor of the garage but has become too cold sitting on it. Why are garage floors so cold? Google says to sharpen a blade on the unfinished ceramic bottom of a coffee mug in a pinch. This is a pinch, Y has had it and heads to the kitchen.

X is in the bathroom. The bathroom has good ventilation and the best light; X can not make a mistake. Next to the sink X has placed a camp stove with a small pot on top containing a greenish brown liquid steaming inside. The mixture is ready but X has forgotten a funnel for pouring it into an empty ink bottle, washed and saved for the final result. Hopefully final, X has skipped a step and weighed nothing, leaving a question mark. Poison is a dish best served once; X hopes to get it right the first time. Letting it cool, waiting, X knows not to pour it this hot into a glass bottle, not without a funnel, and the kitchen is not safe. X climbs into the bathtub to hunker down and wait.

Z is on all fours trying to sniff out the fumes coming from under the bathroom then heads outside through the kitchen to get a better whiff, startling Y turning the mugs upside down. One crashes to the floor. Be careful not to cut yourself Z smiles. Proud. The plan has been coming along nicely; Z trusts mutuallly assured destruction will keep them all alive. Z depends on it.