X≠Y≠Z: How to Punch a Tree

X: The sun’s going down.

Y: Wait, how do I run?

X: Control W, no hold it down.

Z: Don’t lose my stuff.

Y: How would I lose your stuff? Wait, I’m stuck. Where am I? Is this a hole?

X: Spacebar

Y: What?

X: Spacebar to jump. Ok. So we need to find a tree.

Y: What for?

X: We need to punch the tree.

Y: We’re going to fight a tree?

X: No, we need to get wood to make things. And we need shelter before something gets us. Ok, punch this tree.

Y: Wait, what? What something? How do I punch the tree?

X: Left click. No, go closer, now left click. We really should be building a shelter.

Y: The tree doesn’t fall? It just stays there with the middle missing?

X: They don’t fall over. You have to get under it and punch up if you want all the wood.

Y: So what’s the point of this game, am I like a god here, I can destroy trees and make stuff, or am I just a person, citizen of the world kind of thing?

Z: You are both. You are always both. What you create now pulls the future toward you. You are God.

X: Christ, don’t listen. We don’t have time. You could be either one, God or citizen. Total freedom. You’re always the master of your own world. We could mine a shelter into that hill over there. It’s getting dark, we’re wasting time. We need torches.

Y: What do you mean either one? Are there like different levels or something?

Z: There’s multiple levels, some dream and some reality, and some dream that makes reality.

X: Oh my God shut up, seriously.

Z: Sometimes I do not care. Sometimes I wish to tell you, this world you take for truth is merely succession and duration. You are a dream detached from the dreamer. You see so little of reality in the long dream. Wake up.

Y: What just happened? Why are my hearts flashing?

Z: You are dying but you’ll be born again, an endless flux of destruction and creation in an infinite world. And the player was a new story, never told before, written in letters of DNA.

Y: Why are my hearts flashing?!!

X: Skeleton archer, run!

Y: Wait, how do I run? HOW DO I RUN?!