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X≠Y≠Z: Settlers

Y: I wanted to play Monopoly.

X: Monopoly is stupid, there’s no skill in Monopoly.

Y: There is skill.

X: No, it’s just luck. It’s boring and old, it’s what numbers you get on the dice, what cards. And it takes forever.

Z: This takes forever.

Y: This does take forever.

X: You’re making it take forever, it’s your turn. Go already.

Y: I’m thinking.

X: What with?

Y: O so amusing. Ok, who wants to trade me wheat for a brick?

X: How did you get a brick? The robber’s been on your brick this whole time.

Y: I have a brick, ok, who wants it for wheat?

X: Are you cheating? When did you get a brick? I know what cards you have, and you spent all your bricks trying to build the longest road.

Z: I have the longest road.

Y: So what.

Z: And the largest army.

X: You stole the … More

Night Riddle




X≠Y≠Z: Are we there yet?

Z: The road less traveled is the false one to take, when the way it turns out, is of our own make.

X: Why’s the path not a path?

Z: Stop thinking in lines. Create what you need and you’ll be just fine.

Y: When will we get there? Where is it we’re going?

Z: Forget it, relax, there’s no need for knowing.