X≠Y≠Z: Contraries and Negations

Shh. Watch them. See them? X and Y are fighting again. Thank God for it because strife holds the world together. We need this to happen, though these two do drive Z to murder. There they go. Battling it out. X and Y. Mirroring entities. Mutually essential through opposition. Apparent opposition, this is an illusion we’re seeing, binary distinctions do not actually exist. These opposing forces are just forces, mutually essential. Annihilate one by removing the other and poof they’re both gone. So don’t do it. It’s dangerous. Let them be what they will and do what they do, and hope for balance.

Here’s an example. When X and Y are body and soul, another pair of contraries emerge on a different level of scale: science and religion, here to battle each other and bod and soul as well. Religion negates body, Science negates soul. X and Y have levels and the levels cannot do without each other either.

Z takes no sides. We take sides, historically, one side or other is favored, X or Y. Usually Y. Take a look back and you’ll see imbalance has been a big mistake. Huge.

Z is necessary. X and Y must maintain itself in tension, and also in strife with their negation, Z, or the whole thing falls apart.

Strife is the glue that keeps it all together. Maintain the contrariety between X and Y at all costs. For Godssakes don’t let one win. Z never lets one win.

Example: metaphor. Metaphor (Z) makes sameness and difference (X and Y, long time enemies) exist together. It would be insane to take a metaphor literally as there is no assertion of sameness, and if you think metaphor is only an expression of difference you are missing the point. The contrary of these opposites results in creation not annihilation. Take seriously metaphorical discourses: they have larger agendas.

The same goes for us. Look at us, the prolific and the devouring. There is no point me being prolific if you are not here to devour. Eat it all. Gobble me up. Together, right now, we exist.