X≠Y≠Z: (X+Y)-Z=(X-Y)÷Z

Y: Here come the water works.

X: I’ve been carrying you!

Y: No, I’ve been carrying you. Nobody carries me.

X: You’re delusional. Do the math, you’d be nothing without me and you know it, you just won’t admit that I know things, that I’m as smart as you are, smarter. You have this whole entitled thing going on that you don’t even realize. Or pretend not to, except you’re not that self aware.

Y: I don’t need to listen to you.

X: You never have anyway.

Y: This is total crap. Things were supposed to be better with just us. You’re just crazy, that’s what this is. You’ve gone off the deep end.

X: Right it’s me. I’m crazy. I’m just naturally hysterical and don’t have an actual brain and know what I’m talking about. You are conditioned to think that, you know that, right? You are so easily snowed. You bait me into frustration and call me crazy when I react. If I did the same to you, you’d lose your damn mind. Look at yourself believing that you (you!) are innately the best of anything on offer for no good goddamn reason. What reason? Why? And I have to be twice as good to be seen as the same as you. Look at you. God! I’m screaming into the wind here. You’re not listening. You never learned how.

Y: You done? I’m not listening to you.

X: I just said that. Even now you take what I say and say it yourself louder. I’m out of here, seriously. Sink or swim without me, I’m done pushing your river.