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X≠Y≠Z: No Z

X: Z left.

Y: It was your fault. You did this. I mean, I support you and whatever, but Z left because of you.

X: Because of Z. Z left, Z left us, Z abandoned us and why? We have such a blissful situation here, it’s a fortress of comfort, plenty of anything, Z just had to stay in with us. Was that so hard?

Y: You got rid of Z, thinking Z’d come right back, you said don’t come back and Z won’t now. Z’s gone.

X: Z will need us. We’ll never be rid of Z.

Z: You banished Z, it’s permanent, you did that.

X: We can’t tell people that, we can’t say that to the nosey, the truth is it has to have been Z’s idea to go or how will it reflect on us? How can we say we just got rid Z, said Z get out, never