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X≠Y≠Z: What is that?

Y:  That one on the left looks dangerous.

X:  The one on the right looks more joyful, but it’s a moody joy.

Y:  Moody. Who are they? They’re staring and it’s creeping me out.

X:  No, look, it’s fish.

Y:  Is that fish?

Z:  It’s something.

X:  They can’t see us, those aren’t eyes.

Y:  Aren’t they?

X:  Oh wait, they’re reacting to us. Look, that one is scowling.

Y:  Stop pointing at it.

X:  Now this one is scowling, look at its eyebrows. Fins.

Y:  Don’t point!  Those are eyes and they can definitely see us.

Z:  They aren’t paying attention to us at all. Think about a fish in a pond. A bunch of them. Carp.

Y:  That’s not a carp. That’s a face.

Z:  Face fish. Whatever. There they are in the pond, just beyond the surface of the water, we are inches from them, looking in, and they don’t … More