X≠Y≠Z: Rune Casting!

Y: This is our future? Ear and Feoh. Death and cattle? Are we going to kill a cow? Are we meeting some rich cattle?

Z:  Wealth. It means wealth.

Y:  Wealth? Like lots of cows?

X:  Portable wealth, not cows. Nobody pays in cow anymore.

Z:  Some do.

Y:  How is a cow portable? Imagine it. Pulling it behind you on a leash to go shopping. Loading it up into the car.

X:  The smell of the bank.

Y:  The smell of the bank! The wealth rune. Wealth!

X:  We’ll have money.

Y:  Yes! We will be rich! It’s so good to know it beforehand. Cows are big, right, this is big money, beyond our wildest fantasies rich. Yes. Fantastic. Yes. We’ll be swimming in it. Scrooge McDucking it through ducats! Plunging into property!

X:  Capering in capital!

Y:  Lounging in lucre, washing in wealth! Rolling in bankrolls, piling into pesos, current in currency!

X:  Bathing in bitcoin! Rolling in Rupees! Fun with finances! Funds with finances!

Y:  Hard cash king dollar sweet silver riches resources bucks!

X:  Gold!

Y:  Gold! Fund fiesta! Cents Celebration! We’ll party like cattle barons!

Z:  Posthumously.

Y: Posthumously?

Z:  That’s the death rune with it. Posthumous.

Y:  You think we’ll see none of it?

Z:  It will be none of our business. The earth will be our consort.