L is for Letters for Titles

What do you do?

I am a writer.

What are you writing?

A blank period of time. Wilderness. I don’t even know. Say something. It’s too long to say. Damnit say something you’re a writer use your words spit it out and for christssakes not a dissertation exam ted talk.

An alphabet book.

Al·pha·bet book (ælfəbɪt bʊk) /ˈalfəˌbet bo͝ok/ n.

 1. book for teaching the alphabet. 1922 Joyce Ulysses 49 One of the alphabet books you were going to write.

Let·ters for Ti·tles (ˈlɛtə(r)s fɔː(r),fə(r) ˈtaɪt(ə)ls) /ˈledərs fôr,fər ˈtīdlsn.

1. A translation of the Old English Rune Poem. See Rune Poem, Old English.

2.a. A book written forward in real time while linking backward in a retrospective arrangement, a mirror within a mirror (hey presto!).

b. A collection of interconnected compositions with captioned illustrations arranged into chapters based on runic pairs including but not limited to: an instruction manual, a guide to runic divination, Old English translations, a roman à clef with three protagonists, coded messages, riddles.

3. A study of the people who used the runic alphabet for divination.

4. A website. A collection of social media sites: F., I., T., P, R.  See also UI is for User Interface.

Let·ters for Ti·tles, v.

1. The act of publishing one thing daily for a year minus weekends. Cf. Slyuses: Having my way with Ulysses.

2. The act of writing a book with eyes seeing but unseen watching over my shoulder.

3. A clearing of the throat.

Rune Po·em, Old Eng·lish, Obs. (ruːn ˈpəʊɪm, əʊld ˈɪŋglɪʃ) /ro͞on ˈpōəm,pōm ōld ˈiNG(ɡ)liSH/ n.

1. A collection of letters of the runic alphabet (Old English), their names and definitions written and sung in Old English alliterative meter arranged into opposing pairs and into three octaves with an amended quintet.

2. The pre-scripted responses of the deities to questions asked in a divinatory context.

3. An alphabet book.