UI is for User Interface

User Interface Spec Doc:

  1. Background Image:
    1. Hildegard of Bingen Riesencodex, Lingua Ignota. Hochschulund Landesbibliothek RheinMain: Hs. 2, 464v. Alphabet code page of Hildegard of Bingen’s invented language. Saint Hildegard: Writer, composer, mystic, psychic to the stars. People like Frederick Barbarosa, Eleanore of Aquataine. Popes. Henry II of England. People with plenty of secrets. Want to keep a secret? Invent your own language and write it with your own alphabet.
  2. Title:
    1. Title Image: St. Hugh’s Bible, Bodleian Library MS. Auct. E. inf. 1066r. Detail. Letter L forming the word Locutusqspeech. A plant sprouting from a lion’s mouth forming three branches, two with faces of another lion and a person, staring back at it. The third branch will flower next. Watch your words, they’ll grow and bite you later. Whatever you say will reflect yourself and others back to you. Words you speak take on lives of their own. Your speech is your own self judgement, multiplied. What you say now you will manifest later. Has already with more to come.
    2. Title Fonts: RuneEnglish, Vespasian. Altered.
  3. Content:
    1. Content Background Image: A Gorey Year 365 Days of the Art and Words of Edward Gorey, page 2 reversed. Year unknown but not unknowable.
    2. Body Fonts: Sue Ellen Francisco, Special Elite. My first computer: a typewriter that could remember its last word.
    3. Input boxes background image: Yellow sticky note, color altered.
  4. About:
    1. Alphybettyformed Verbage: On the floor near Shem the Penman’s desk.
    2. Social media buttons, pencil drawings in Alice notebook, which way, which way?
  5. Bottom Image:
    1. Green notebook: Rune Poem Alltimesticking. Cover.
  6. 404:
    1. Look there! — a leopard, very quick and lithe, a leopard covered with a spotted hide. There is another path that you must take if you would leave this savage wilderness.