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U is for Expnged

For the mpteenth time yo mst nderstand that yor nkindness leaves me nable to tter yor name or anything abot yo from now ntil yo die. Not even then. Yor nabashed and nnatral behavior has made yo npoplar and yo mst nderstand that I will have nothing to do with yo, yo nfaithfl cnt. Yo are sprflos, seless, and nwelcome in this contry.

X≠Y≠Z: 1984

X:  What happens after you die?

Y:  God, am I dying?

X:  Not you, me. Anybody. What happens after? Then what?

Z:  It’s like there’s no after anymore, you enter into an all-at-once-ness kind of situation. And you get to watch over people and stuff.

Y:  That’s so creepy. I don’t want to be watched all the time. I mean yeah, watched over is nice, in that you’ve got an angel on your side kind of way, I can do that. But watched?

Z:  Angels have eyes.

X: It can’t be all the time, you don’t become big brother, right? Just, you come in when somebody is thinking about you, they’re like, inviting you in just for that moment. Is that it?

Y: So if I’m on the toilet thinking about my grandma? Or my ex? I don’t know which one is worse, they’re invited? Because I don’t want my ex seeing that, or my … More