How to Summon an Angel

Good luck summoning an Angel because you will need it. You’ll need good timing as well because the two of you, or however many, speak entirely different languages from each other. You speak duration and they speak phenomenal flux, making them directionless, which is your next problem.

Angels have all the foresight of a toddler who has just learned to walk. The newly mobile have no planning skills. They don’t care what’s in their futures, this is not their concern. They just want to put something new into their mouths. Angels are like that too. I don’t know if they put things into their mouths or even have mouths, but what they do have is no future and no past, and though they lack these essentials and ought be pitied for it, they do have everything else which must be some consolation.

To overcome an angel’s lack of temporal trajectory, you must shift your concept of eternity into a more angelic viewpoint. Forget endless duration, that’s the eternity we have. Not personally, no, we have no personal eternity: you will die. There’s an end to your road, you do know that of course. But collectively, one person goes, another comes, and after a time goes as well, while others are coming and going like at an airport or whatever mass transit, rolling forward for all eternity, but with death. We ride off like that into the future, this endless duration is our forever, but the angels don’t do that. They are going nowhere. Rather for them, like a cheap ad slogan, the future is now. The past too. In this sort of eternity everything is present at all times. All of it. Angels exist in a constantly changing all at onceness of everything situation that sounds like a nightmare, I know, but they like it. This is what you have to work with. They are toddlers in possession of everything and you’ve got to get their attention.

Start by being as generous as you possibly can to anybody who needs it, and that’s everybody. Give it all away: everything is temporary so what are you holding onto it for? Leave yourself nothing, cut off, no people, nothing. Hold a moot and be your own family, you banishing your own self into the wilderness. Go live under a tree for all you care, be exiled in wretchedness. There. You see? Listen. They’re here. Do you feel it? An angel and a presence. You have nothing else.