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X≠Y≠Z: Y

Life is about to change for Y. The herd has been dwindling, with Z already exiled in wretchedness. X is on edge, chin elevated, ears pinned back, and has decided that Y’s days in the family are numbered. Y is about to be banished. Y makes an attempt at self protection by avoiding the subject and by holding up a mirror to others which proves rather a good surface to hide behind, but it is not going to help. X lunges forward, mouth open and ears flattened. X spins around and lands a series of rapid kicks. Y is not wanted. X has iced Y out.

As a matter of simple instinct, Y would rather run than fight. Y runs a short distance then stops to look back and see if X is a threat worth fleeing from. Watching forlornly from a safe distance, leaderless, Y has no other source of direction and … More