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I is for Iceland Spar

It’s one thing to get from place to place by boat if you can keep an eye on the coastline the entire time. But if you want to cross the open sea without GPS, you will need some sort of… More

How to Stab Somebody with an Icicle

You want to stab somebody with an icicle. Good. It’s best when the murder weapon disappears. Here’s the plan:

Acquisition of Murder Weapon
If you are harvesting from … More

X≠Y≠Z: Y

Life is about to change for Y. Y’s herd has been dwindling, with Z already exiled in wretchedness. X is on edge, chin elevated, ears pinned back, and has decided that Y’s… More

How to Change the World

How to change the world? Invent something. Look at the stirrup: kind of a metal rounded triangle you can attach to a saddle as a place to put your feet. Very simple, basic, but it is one … More

E is for ⁊

⁊ is shorthand for the word et which means “and” in Latin. It shows up in place of “and” seven times in the only copy we have of the Rune Poem. The placements… More


H: At the start of an Old English word, H is almost silent, an H on its way out. Hha. A burst of breath in cold air, watch it freeze.

I: Short vowel. Hint and hinge and hinder.

L: Hill.

D: Duh.More

War and Peace

What can stop a war horse? Ice. Ice is brutal for horse hooves. It can ball up under their feet until they are teetering on their own personal ice cubes. Have you ever fallen on ice? That’s… More

Translating Eh

There’s lots of words for horse in Old English, hors, for one. But there’s wicg, hengest, friþhengest, onrid, radhors, mearh, sceam, steda, stott, blanca, gelew, all… More

Translating Is

There is nothing more cold than ice. it is oferceald. There is nothing more slippery than ice: slidor ungemetum. Met means measurement, it is slippery beyond measure. Ice can be a dreadful… More

Stanza 11: Ice

It is overly cold, immeasurably slippery

Glistens glass clear, most like to gems

A floor wrought of frost, a beautiful sight.… More

Stanza 19: War Horse

It is for warriors the joy of princes

A horse with bold hooves, the fighters there around him

The wealthy on steeds trading speech.

And it is for the uneasy ever a consolation.… More