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H: At the start of an Old English word, H is almost silent, an H on its way out. Hha. A burst of breath in cold air, watch it freeze.

I: Short vowel. Hint and hinge and hinder.

L: Hill.

D: Duh.

E: Short. Death, dead, desecrate.

G: In front of a short I, palatalized (fronted, front of the mouth). Sounds like Y. Yield.

I: Short.

C: Between a short I and a short E, a K sound. Ick. A long I here would make it itch, but what’s going on here is way past itchy. It’s gross.

E: Short. The E in Kenning.

L: Hildegicel. Hild means war, gicel means icicle. A warcicle. A word found only in Beowulf.

King Hroðgar, descendent of Scyld Scylding, deceased, has a massive problem. A moody wight called Grendel is killing people in Hroðgar’s hall. Beowulf, great hero, total legend, hears about this and More

How to Grab a Thorn

Don’t. What the hell are you thinking? Don’t grab the thorn. Why would you want to grab a thorn? Why? Are you insane? This is insane. I feel insane thinking about it. Ascertain if you are insane. It’s a thorn. Don’t touch it. Don’t look at it. Keep away from it, evil little sucker. The thorn hates you. And, it’s not just a thorn. It’s lots of thorns. The thorn has friends. And relations. The thorn will gang up and snag on when you least expect. What are you wearing? Is that what you’re wearing? Put some pants on! My God! That thorn is going to whip right across your skin. You won’t see it coming. You’ll be looking at the thorn in front and it’s the one behind will get you. With unmet cruelty. And you want to grab it. Don’t grab it! Don’t go near it. Cover yourself and stay back. God. You … More