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Stanza 25: Oak

byþ on eorþan.         elda bearnum.
flæsces fodor         fereþ gelome
ofer ganotes bæþ         garsecg fandaþ.
hwæþer ac hæbbe         æþele treowe

It is on earth for theMore

Stanza 5: The Ride

byþ onrecyde.         rinca gehwylcum.
sefte and swiþhwæt.         ðam ðe sitteþ on ufan
meare mægen heardum         ofer mil paþas

To those who sit in a house
It feels soft. More

Stanza 4: God

byþ ordfruma.         ælcre spræce.
wisdomes wraþu.         and witena frofur.
and eorla gehwam.         eadnys and to hiht

It is the source of every speech,
The support of More

Stanza 26: Ash

biþ ofer heah.         eldum dyre.
stiþ on staþule .        stede rihte hylt.
ðeah him feohtan on         firas monige 

It is very tall, dear to the elders
Firm in its foundationsMore

Stanza 27: Bow

byþ æþelinga          eorla gehwæs.
wyn and wyrþmynd.         byþ on wicge fæger.
fæstlic on færelde.         fyrdgeatewa sum

It is for the prince and the noble
Whose joy andMore

Stanza 3: Thorn

Þ byþ ðearle scearp.         ðegna gehwylcum.
anfengys yfyl         ungemetun reþe.
manna gehwylcun.         ðe him mid resteð

It is severely sharp for all of the thegns.

Stanza 2: Aurochs

byþ anmod.         and ofer hyrned.
fela frecne. deor         feohteþ. mid hornum.
mære morstapa.          is modig wuht

It is singleminded and overhorned
Fiercely dangerousMore

Stanza 28: Beaver

byþ ea fixa         and ðeah abruceþ.
fodres on foldan.         hafaþ fægerne eard.

wætre beworpen.         ðær he wynnum leofaþ ᛬᛫

It is a river fish, though it always enjoys

Stanza 29: The Grave

byþ egle         eorla gehwylcun.
ðonn fæstlice         flæsc onginneþ.
hraw colian         hrusan ceosan
blac to gebeddan         bleda gedreosaþ.
wynna gewitaþ        

Stanza 1: Wealth

ᚠ  byþ frofur.         fira gehwylcum.
Sceal ðeah manna gehwylc.         miclun hyt dælan.
gif he wile. for drihtne         domes hleotan

It is a consolation to each one of us,More

Stanza 15: Helix

This sword has a dwelling place most often in the marsh

It waxes in water, wounds severe

The blood of a person’s pustules burns,

For anyone who does grab hold of it.… More

Stanza 16: Sun

For mariners, it is always hoped upon

When they ferry hence over the fishes’ bath

Until their sea stallion brings them to land.… More

Stanza 14: The Game

It is a feast game and laughter

For proud          sitting to battle there

In the beer hall peacefully united.… More

Stanza 13: Yew

It is on the outside an unsmooth tree.

Hard, earth bound, guardian of fire.

Reliably supported by roots,

A joy in the home.… More

Stanza 17: Tiw

It is one of the signs,

It holds trust well with princes.

Forever it is on a journey over the obscurity of night,

It never deceives.… More

Stanza 18: Birch

It is without bloom, though even so it bears

Without offspring, twigs for divination.

It is beautiful on its boughs

High on top, fairly ornamented

Its leaves might spring up to press… More

Stanza 12: Year

It is the hope of humanity when God lets sprout,

The holy king of heaven gives to the earth

Bright fruits for the rich and for the needy.… More

Stanza 11: Ice

It is overly cold, immeasurably slippery

Glistens glass clear, most like to gems

A floor wrought of frost, a beautiful sight.… More

Stanza 19: War Horse

It is for warriors the joy of princes

A horse with bold hooves, the fighters there around him

The wealthy on steeds trading speech.

And it is for the uneasy ever a consolation.… More

Stanza 20: Human

In mirth they are loved by their kin

Though each and every one must depart from the other

For the gods will by their judgement,

That wretched body, entrust to the earth.… More

Stanza 10: Need

It is a constraint on the heart

Though for the children of envy it often turns

Into help nevertheless,

If they would listen to omens beforehand.… More

Stanza 9: Hail

It is the whitest of grains

it whirls from heaven’s air

It rolls out of a wind storm

it turns into water soon after.… More

Stanza 21: The Sea

For the people it seems interminable

If they must venture on a tilting boat

And the violent waves of the sea terrify them

And the sea horse has no regard for the bridle.… More

Stanza 22: Ing

First he was among the East Danes

Seen and spoken of,

Until hereafter he and his bounty eastward

Departed over the waves, his cart ran after;

Thus the hardy ones named the hero.… More

Stanza 8: Joy

They partake of this who know little of woes,

Pain and anxiety,

And have for themselves

Prosperity and bliss,

And also the abundance of fortified towns.… More

Stanza 7: Gift

For the people it is ornament and praise

Support and honor

And for those wretched in exile

Mercy and sustenance

You have nothing else.… More

Stanza 23: Home

It is beloved to everybody

If we assemble there

On what is just and what is proper

Enjoying often

Inspiration in the hall.… More