Twigs for Divination

 Hexagram 61

Name: Zhong Fu. Innermost Sincerity, Inner Truth, Inward Confidence

Image: An arrow hits the target dead center, passes right through. The target doesn’t wobble. A hen hatching chicks, they trust her. A broody hen on an egg, small, holds life within, anticipating.

Structure: Wind above, Lake below. Wind blowing over water. Energy, invisible. Sincerity is felt but not seen.

Decision: When you lie to yourself, you are not in possession of inner sincerity. Inward trustworthiness will enable you to develop your true nature. Do that, and you influence the inner natures of the people near you, then near them, radiating outward with force and influence, a mirror within a mirror hey presto.

Changing lines:

Line 3: The drum beats: charge! The drum stops. Stop. It beats! It stops. Confusion. You cry, you sing, you cry again. Phenomenal flux: energy and exhaustion. You have been taken prisoner. You hold enemy captives.


Changes into: Hexagram 9

Name: Xiao Xu. Little Accumulation, The Taming Power of the Small, The Lesser Nourisher, Small Harvest.

Image: Something small. The act of dividing something into smaller parts. A field with piles of stored grass.

Structure: Wind over heaven. The wind in the upper atmosphere has enough strength to condense the mist rising up or to blow away a rain cloud.

Decision: A small cloud drifts in, looking a little dark, dangerously active, but not full enough to form rain. If you aspire to rain you are not up to the challenge, gather your energy, save it up in small piles, take a break. Everything is temporary. There’s nothing you can do to stop the wind from blowing.