How to Hold it Together

You look happy on the outside but I can still see you coming apart. It’s your whole vibe: you’ve got no zip, zero, nada, and look at you. Loved by your family, yes some of them love you very deep down in kind of a fuzzy way, but they are there holding strong nevertheless. They especially love you when you’re happy. Well, they like you more. Picture yourself out of the picture. Can you do that? Find a remove from which to stand and fulcrum yourself out, look at what that looks like. Not in a wonderful christmas carol life kind of way, I see what you want so stop it. You’ve been in the world, a messy person like you, yes? Messes leave stains. There’s going to be smears of you all over the place. Getting all up in everything. You’ve always been the red sock in the laundry, bleeding. So look now. Everybody coming apart now too, even the ones you thought were seven degrees separated. Chain reaction sweetie, you don’t know the effect you’ve had butterfly (moth to a flame more like) so get it together. Exile yourself and it will be chaos.

How to hold it together? You don’t think I can tell you that from all the way over here, did you? Lean in baby love, you know already you will each betray the other in the end: you all have a prior commitment with the earth and then you’ll have nothing, zip zero you get it? And you can’t undo it. So you feel like nothing and you are headed for nothing and you ask me how to hold it together? What’s the opposite of nothing? I’ll tell you: it’s something. That’s what you do, something. You have nothing else. Now go.