How to Skip Town

It’s time to go. It is past time. If you need to get out of here yesterday you’d better do it with an eye on the future, that knife blade of a now you balance on will cut and run, so plan fast.

You don’t want to plan. You don’t care what comes next, I get it, but if something is going to come next, you’ll need to survive long enough to see it and that takes money. Bring any portable wealth you have, the smaller the better depending on your means of conveyance. Is that your car? Load it up. Fill it with anything you might regret leaving behind. Maybe we can attach a trailer or something you can pull behind you. Take what you can because you will not know your regrets until the actual future arrives. To speed that process, leave nothing, otherwise, you will quickly discover your regrets at which time you will not be able to return and fill the car with your regrets and make them unregrettable. Regrettably, items of your regrets that you forget, unavoidably you will forever regret.

If you are leaving anything valuable behind, make it safe. Leave it with somebody you trust. Perhaps pay to store it behind secure walls for your future prosperity if you can, or dig a hole and drop it down for discovery by your descendants.

Look to your digital footprint. Remove yourself from everything online you can log into jointly with anybody. Take your name off of all accounts: bank accounts, utilities, crypto bots, streaming services, food delivery services, cell plans. Call every one of them, don’t just chat online with a bot, a bot is a whole different animal and you do not speak the same language. Call the customer service and get a human and together with that person take yourself off of shared anything. Skipping town is a solo endeavor. You are alone.

Get all new accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, all of them. Change your password on your phone and any other device you bring with you, and really change the password. Don’t just change an I for an L, a W for a P, a 0 for a 1, you want creation not transformation. Imagine you are an entirely different person from your own self, be that opposite person and invent a password. Pair it with your current password and find the negation. That’s your new password.

Bring your pets if you can move them, sometimes they can be reluctant.

If you have a story to tell about your departure, tell it first or tell it never. Truth telling can be a competition for some, and in such cases the first person to tell a story wins, as any other truth would have to compete with the first truth, for each truth that enters is imagined as the first to enter whereas it is always the last term of the preceding series even if the first term of a succeeding one, each imagined as the first, last, only, and alone whereas it is neither first nor last nor only nor alone in a series originating in and repeated to infinity. How to win a truth telling game? Don’t play. Shh.

Goodbyes can be said after the fact, and the facts are it’s time to leave. Whether you’ve been banished, or you are on some other kind of journey, you are done here. You’ve settled your business and provisioned yourself, now put down your bags and go. Leave everything, you have nothing else, leave the car, it can follow you later because you are already gone.