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Rune Casting: Cen

Things can get pretty dark sometimes. I get it. The gloom comes in and anything shining or warm, the bright things, go dim. All the luster to anything recedes.  Be at ease, there’s… More

Translating Sigel

The answer to this riddle is the sun, though when you read it it could be something else related to seafaring. Semannum, more commonly spelled sæmanum, means mariners, plural, people… More

Rune Casting: Eoh

This will be the death of you unless you hold a meeting and listen to omens beforehand. Things have been hard and rough going, so you’d best gather your people home and be joyful.… More

Rune Casting: Ing

Any help you had packed up their stuff and hit the road a while ago. You are on your own. That was a powerful benefactor you once had, so take stock of your goods because whatever you’ve… More